The PCs live in Seatown. It’s near the coast, and it’s a quite pastoral place with early 20th century technology – radios and windmills but no cars. Most people make a living fishing. There’s one radio station in town, maintained by old Mr Thompson. There are various cooking shows, reports on the fishing and the weather. Sometimes the radio doesn’t work; Mr Thompson’s son, Theodoric, built a lot of the machines and they haven’t been maintained since he left on the Last Journey. It’s an odd mix of Japanese and Russian culture. No one thinks about this much; it’s just how things are. No one travels very far. Seatown has everything that they need.

A long time ago, the world was different. There were great empires, and bullet trains that criss-crossed the country like knives. There were airships and great beasts. There were mighty sorcerers who sunk oceans beneath the waves. Now there are grass-covered ruins everywhere. The reason the age of empires fell, according to the shrine keepers, is that people lost their way. They forgot about the Journeys and the elemental dragons and it made the world sick.

Now the world is much healthier. People honour the elemental dragons. It goes like this; dragons don’t eat fish like you and I do. Instead, they eat stories. New dragons need to be born to keep the world healthy, and to stop it getting sick again, like it was in the days of the Old Empires. The stories needed to feed the dragons are based on experienced. Everyone has to go on a Journey. No one really knows how long their journey will take.

Seven years ago, a group of people went on a Journey. They never came back. The dragonflowers wilted, but didn’t die. The shrine keepers were confused but could only thing that something went wrong with their Journey.

After that, the Mayor, whose son Trent, went missing, stopped the Journeys. “No one is going to go out and get lost,” he said. Then thing started to go wrong. Storms, bad fish. The shrine keepers cast the omens, and said that to make the town well, the Journey needed to be done. They said that the Journey hadn’t been completed.

This is the story of the Next Journey. All of those going on it have had ties to the people who went missing seven years ago. They’re going to find out what happened and bring their loved ones home.

Ryuutama: The Next Journey

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