Ryuutama: The Next Journey

Journey Record, Page One

This Beautiful Forest Wasn't Here The Night Before...

12 Vinemoon

We’ve all decided to set off on a Journey! The shrine maidens tell me that it’s very important someone writes down everything we do so that the dragon will grow, because they eat stories. I hope they do not need to eat the pages. This journal was very expensive.

We have not seen any dragons yet. The shrine maidens tell us that this is nothing to worry about, but they are worried. We do not often go on Journeys in Seatown, so maybe they have done it wrong. Raika’s master is very cross that he is going, so we had to leave without saying goodbye. I put up a sign. I am sure that everyone will pitch in and help while we are gone.

Journeying is very hard going! We walked all day and Minami is sure we passed the same rock three times. We were attacked by some very cute wild dogs, and we managed to defeat them! It is good that we can defend ourselves, but I wish we were better at navigating. Hopefully someone will buy all the fangs we harvested. I tried to fix some of my equipment, but I’m not very good at working without my trusty workbench yet.

San is frustrated that she is having no luck at hunting. She will not say so, but I can tell. I am sorry, San, but we need to tell the truth. You’ll have better luck later, I’m sure!

13 Vinemoon

Niki is suited for travel, it seems; she has been chirpy ever since we left. I hope everyone’s spirits will stay high!

I think Raika is having trouble leaving home, because I think he keeps circling back towards the coast. We did not make much progress, but while finding our way, we discovered a patch of raspberries. Niki used my magic wooden spoon to turn it into lots of delicious raspberry jam. We’re having difficulty carrying it all!

14 Vinemoon

I had a great nights’ sleep. I’m enjoying the Journey life!

We met our first dragon today! It’s a grassland dragon, so it’s probably not interested in our stories. I suggested we feed it some of our jam, and it really liked it! It helped us cross the grasslands, and it was all we could do to keep up. I’m so tired from running that I might need to cut this entry short and go to sleep. Sorry, story dragon! I’ll do better tomorrow.

15 Vinemoon

We’ve woken up at the top of a tree! It seems a forest has grown up around us overnight. This must have been the work of the dragon we fed raspberry jam to earlier. It looks like it’s gone back to the grasslands, but that doesn’t mean we’re alone.

There’s a young girl and a kineko goblin in the tree next to us, and they have Hiro’s favourite necklace, and my favourite hammer! Those thieves! We rushed down the tree as fast as was safe, and one good shot was enough to make the young girl fall over onto the grass. We managed to retrieve what she stole, but we made a deal with her and her furry friend: if she led us to the next town, we’d give her some of our delicious raspberry jam. That raspberry bush really was a lucky find!

Poor Raika is having a tough time making it through the forest; he keeps hitting branches. But we’ve made it through to the next town. I wonder what adventures it will have in store for us? And I wonder if we’ll ever get to meet a story dragon?



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