Ryuutama: The Next Journey

Session 6, Woodmoon 10 - 12

Raika's Journal

10 Woodmoon – Papa, I know in my heart that I did the right thing when I broke the demon-drum. I took RESPONSIBILITY, Papa! You NEVER saw that in me, that I could do that, but I can and I did! Now EVERYONE hates me, but I stopped us going down a path of no return. If we had fought those soldiers for real we’d be in BIG TROUBLE, possibly even DEAD!

Anyway, I had to follow through on my intentions or the others would have been more cross with me, so I tried to track the mantis-dragon again, and…we got lost! EVERYONE STILL HATES ME! Papa, why is doing the RIGHT THING so hard? We camped in the POURING RAIN and had a miserable night in the dragon’s jungle.

11 Woodmoon – Papa, there’s so much mud! Everyone was geared up for a miserable day, but then that lucky fox showed up, and today we found the DRAGON! So I began to talk to the dragon, since I felt the BEST THING was to ask it to move around the land regularly and STOP the OVERGROWTH. Surprisingly it was Sakura who took up my argument, and we cut a DEAL with the dragon! We learnt that the dragons are under threat from the demons, and are reinforcing the BARRIERS to keep the demons underground…or something like that! Anyway, most of our group made a pact to save the dragons…Minami didn’t, because Minami just likes money, and San just seems to believe in the natural order of things. So everything was starting to turn out alright, maybe? We snuck back to town (Bloom…field…ville?) and spoke to the Ishida clan lady who was cross about the drum so we didn’t get paid, then Sakura got a bit weird about the Ishida lady’s clothes. She asked us to leave.

12 Woodmoon – Leaving town, the jungle was already receding a bit, and we encountered a trader’s caravan under attack by a BASILISK and some bamboo creatures! I got skewered by bamboo (OWIE!) but Minami saved me. We won the day and chatted with a lady, Anastasia, who survived the attack on the caravan. (I think she liked Minami but he didn’t notice). We escorted her to the next town, Highgate. She was a magistrate. There had been a MURDER in the town, a professor allegedly suffocated by his assistant. We found ourselves deputised to investigate the case! We interviewed some staff and investigated the body. We figured out that the professor was not suffocated, but was POISONED! We arranged to meet with Anastasia the next day…



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