Ryuutama: The Next Journey

Session Four: 25 Vinemoon to 3 Woodmoon

The White Death, Claymen and a Chef

25-27 Vinemoon

Woke up in Stonekeep this morning, feeling much better. I must remember eating lots of raspberries is a very bad idea. I t’s as bad as eating week old fish cowder.
What was intersting was finaly being able to sneak a peak into a few other journals. Good work everyone! Firstly, from now on i’m going to try and write more grown up. Secondly, I spell NIKKI with two K’s.

While acclimatising myself to waking somewhere completely new (see what I mean grown up sounding entries), I could hear Minami-san and the others discussing ‘economic practicalities in rural communities’, trying to sort out how to best help the town not collapse now that we’ve chased out the previously ruling demon overlords. Do we install a new leader? A council? I thoughtfully suggested we move the discussion to the newly reopened hot springs for a bit of much needed relaxation and cleaning. Who knows, maybe the healing steam will invigorate our minds?

While I knew little to contribute to the Great Debate I do know a thing or two about thinking, I think? Da. The steam worked! They talked for what I am pretty sure was hours about how the village worked and the state that our predecessors in Dragon questing had left the place. I’m still sure their story was great but wow, they seem to have left a mess bigger than Yana’s playpen behind them! I’m starting to form the opinion that they’re flashy half-job-Hiro’s. The winner of the day was Minami-san with her grand idea for Gentriocracy. Even now she’s formulating more plans to provide instruction to the village elders and with our help, demonstrate how their new systems should work and a new exchange rate. Its all rather exciting but over my head. On the bright side, I’m clean again. Feels nice.

While this was going on, Akio-san, practical soul he is, sourced some goat hides! At an excellent rate too. I hadn’t known that he knew armour crafting. I’m looking forward to seeing what he makes!
… Interesting to watch but I don’t think its for me. Hiro-san and I agree that it smells awfully strongly of wet goat. It does seem a practical thing to wear but only San-senpai seems properly interested. She’s already commissioned a full set for when he can get a full set of skins and the time. Good luck to you Akio-san! (remember to never tell San-senpai that San-san would be an adorable name.)

Sakura-san joins Minami-san in teaching the locals about crop rotation. Sounds like a smart idea to me, no wasting of land and seasonal food always available! Sakura-san is very smart and knows a lot about farming. Maybe she will teach me more about food? Maybe they should open a school? They both certainly seem very knowledge to me, and the townsfolk are learning fast. It certainly has given me an extra day for a new recipe and some much needed practice in a rustic kitchen. Cherve is a hit with me but not with Sakura-san.

(refer to RB page 27- recipe and commentary for Cherve, a kind of goats cheese)
Note: Sakura pulled me aside tonight, apparently I’ve been too formal in my writing! Guess I’m not the only one reading other peoples journal’s!

28 Vinemoon

Its a sad day today. It feels strange that today, for the first time in four years, I won’t be doing the prep for Seatown’s end of Vinemoon special supper. I’m still enjoying sleeping in each morning but I think I’m starting to feel homesick. I’ve not been away from Seatown for so long since my family moved there seven years ago. Will have to stay positive and maybe write them a letter. Think they’d like that.

1 Woodmoon

Woke up to another beautiful morning! Hiro and Riker are feeling unwell today. Was it something I cooked? Niet, we ate the villages food last night. Maybe they’re nervous now that we’re leaving the town to travel further. Riker hasn’t been lucky with reading the land or the weather lately. You won’t let us down again, I believe in you!

At camp that tonight I cooked a delicious goat while Minami and Hiro were try out magical armour. Are they jealous of Akio’s smelly goat armour? I hope not for the foods sake or everything will taste like goat no matter what I do!
Something strange did happen as we listened to the radio after dinner. There was an ad for a circus! A real live circus! With monster catching challenges, strange beasts and all kinds of events. We should hurry back to the Grasslands to catch it! Also, there was a weird, rumbly sounding chanting on a new channel … it’s probably nothing though.

2 Woodmoon

We have reached the Grasslands again! I’m personally hoping for more raspberries, they sold well and I know what not to do with them now. The weather is just as wet as yesterday so umbrellas, jackets and rain hats are all back out. We look a bit like the fishing fleet rejects in mismatched pieces.
After dinner we find that new gravelly sounding chanting channel again. I was about to ask to change the channel to the fishing forecast (da, I am feeling homesick) when Sakura jumped up excitedly. She knows what the noise is and I’m still a bit confused why a farmer would know what a stone elemental sounds like.

3 Woodmoon

Today we woke to yet more rain. It’s enough to get even me down despite rain is great for the plants, animals & fish. Riker is starting to look a bit pale – maybe it is my cooking? I’ll have to cook something special tonight just for him.

Just as we broke camp, ready to set out for the day there was a great rumbling of the earth, like I’d never known before. Was it the much told and feared earthquake? No! It was a small band of muddy, rocky creatures Sakura claimed were Claymen. Naturally, as we can’t speak rock and they weren’t listening to us, we got in a bit of a fight with them.

(to stick in: an epic stick-figure illustrations of the battle)

Featured in the fight: San heroically flinging herself from a various obstacles to spear the fearsome Clayman, swarm of pygmies, giant lily pads and our foes giving it their all. Don’t they know hitting San-senpai is a bad idea. It’ll just make her mad. No one wants to see her mad shudders. Hiro was able to heal me right up with a cup of chrysanthemum tea. Thanks!
Minami cast another great snowball spell and, after much hacking, slashing and some amazing acrobatics by San-senpai, including a neat piece of decapitation, we won!
Then a mole started negotiations. I didn’t know moles could talk. Basically, the Claymen didn’t want us to skin their brethren, they were upset about something else and took it out on us. We said we’d look into it, and harvested hides once they left. Minami said they’d be worth a lot of gold.

So with that done, we were on our way with Hiro’s friendly fox in the lead. Soon enough, we run into the trainee criminal and her Nekogoblin, offering to lead us to the circus. While travelling, they tell us of all the attractions, including Chef Melissa! I have never felt so excited before!

Naturally, we split up once we reach the camp of huge brightly coloured tents. San dashes off to the arena and is quickly signed up for a battle with the fearsome “White Death”. Having just witnessed Ravennha battle a tentacle beast I feared for her safety. As usual, she did the impossible and defeated it with the power of hugs! The wolfs name is Yuki and she belongs to her elder sister. Aww.

Akio met an old man at the Radio tower who’s “experiment” was the cause of strange broadcasts, Hiro went in search of the Healers tent, Sakura started following hooded figures while the rest followed me to Chef Melissa. Wow, is she amazing! She’s dedicated he last 15 years experimenting and developing an entirely new cooking genre – Monster Cuisine! Its not tasty for humans but Yuki thinks it’s delicious! Minami concocts a wonderful idea to launch a new product line and market Monster Snacks for Monsters! Chef Melissa is so happy I get a hug. I’ve never been happier. Papa will be soo jealous.

Somehow, I don’t remember exactly, we ended up wondering into the Freak Show tent while talking, running into everyone else. There, Dr radio-tower (Hensigenst) is offering to buy a Clayman child trapped in a cage from the Ringmaster for 500G! I instantly despise him, as does everyone else. How cruel can you be?

Apparently much crueller, as we discovered the cage is able to shock the child who starts screaming. A child who is a Prince! Sakura arrives with the hooded Claymen who were furious. Everyone was angry and yelling and the child was screaming and I just wanted it all to stop and go cook. Instead, we started what I’m calling our Three-ring Battle!

San & I jumped at the Claymen in an attempt to stop them. Minami and Riker keep attacking the cage until it’s open and the poor child is freed. Hiro found yet more midgets. I’m yet to work out how he keeps finding them. Maybe they’re following him around? Sakura runs over to join our efforts white fireworks and Minami’s giraffe before BOOM! Akio fired himself out of the cannon directly at the Radio tower!

It was very impressive, right before a great stone dragon burst through the ground and headed straight for us! I thought we were doomed. Bravely, we fought on. Thankfully, Akio was, while clinging to the tower, able to stall the Dr, just long enough and change the radio to turn off the chanting. Phew

( to stick in: three illustrations of the battle)

Minami, when things were quiet again, negotiated with the Ringmaster and Claymen successfully for the release of young Prince Clay and the dragon is called away! Hiro makes healing juice and we collect a nice reward of gold.
Akio runs back, shouting that the Dr. was trying to control the Claymen and had been lying to the Ringmaster. He also mentioned something about the long gone Emperor, the Underworld and an lead crown. I think he did a deal with a dragon & sealed gates? I’m waiting for someone who’s studied history to explain this to me. I’m confused, and not just that the fox is still hanging around.

BTW – I must tell the family that I got a new bundle of recipes for my recipe book but also TWO hugs from Chef Melissa and promise that she’ll write me!

( refer to RB page 30-45: recipes for Monster Cuisine. Yuki particularly fancies pickled Ochu eyes)



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